Silicate Sand Market

Glass production
Silica sand is the primary ingredient used to manufacture glass, through intense heating.
Molds and castings
Silica sand is mixed with clay or another bonding agent, and is then moistened with water to provide strength and plasticity that make it suitable for molding.
Abrasive blasting
Silica sand is used in sandblasting, to smooth rough surfaces and roughen smooth surfaces, as well as to shape surfaces and remove surface contaminants.
Water filtration
Silica sand in certain grain sizes is used as a pre-filtration in desalination plants and waste water treatment facilities. The filtration removes suspended solids to negligible levels and enables the system’s smooth operation.
Oil & Gas
Silica sand is used for Fracturing in the Oil & Gas drilling process. The sand is added to the drilling fluid and is pumped with high pressure to the rock formation in order to fracture it and release oil or gas trapped in the formation.