Limestone Market

Water desalination
The desalination process strips the water of essential minerals. Limestone is used to remineralize it.
Ground limestone is used as a calcium supplement in animal feed.
Ground limestone is used in the paint industry as a performance enhancer – to extend or reduce the use of TiO2, improve optical properties (increased opacity, gloss development), as a filler, and to improve wet and dry hide. They are also used as a paint additive in the preparation of wools and dyes.
Limestone is used as a raw material for producing raw glass. The lime stone is fed to the production process together with other minerals which are melted together and turn in to glass.
Limestone in the form of gravel is used in the construction industry mainly as bedding material.
Limestone, due to its relative low cost, is used as an important filler in the plastics industry to reduce use if oil based products.
Oil & Gas
Limestone is added to the drilling medium in Oil & Gas drilling as a lost circulation material which is used to seal off loss zones in the formation penetrated by the drilling activity.