Conscientious mining. It's what we do. It's who we are.
From its inception in the barren desert of southern Israel more than 50 years ago, Negev Industrial Minerals (NIM) attributed major importance to responsible, conscientious practices. As a pioneer in mining and in the production of mineral products in this remote geographical area, the company felt a sense of intense pride on the one hand, and profound responsibility toward the environment and the small community it operated in, on the other hand. Giving back – to the environment and to the community – was and remains one of its foremost guiding principles.
Contribution to environmental conservation and sustainability
All NIM facilities fully comply with strict environmental protection standards, and are supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection. Furthermore, in 2011 NIM invested approximately $15 million in 2011 in the erection of a state-of-the-art lime kiln built to operate not only on fuel oil, but also on gas and 'green' bio-gas, emitting incomparably less pollutants and greenhouses gases.

One of The most visible expressions of NIM's commitment to environmental conservation is its central role in the large-scale restoration project of the Ramon Crater quarry, which received a special award from the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, in recognition of its major impact on environmental protection and education. The project commenced in 2009 and is being executed for the Quarries Rehabilitation Fund in cooperation with several environmental groups. Once completed, it will include a small lake, walking trails and bicycle paths, a museum, campgrounds and observation points with explanations on the unique geological phenomena that were revealed when the quarry was active, and which geologists and geology aficionados from around the world arrive to observe.

NIM also contributes to environmental conservation and sustainability in an indirect manner – by supplying high quality raw materials that are necessary for a variety of uses, including water purification; wastewater treatment; the absorption of toxins; treatment of stack gases from power plants, industrial facilities, medical and hazardous waste incinerators; reduction of algae buildup in surface waters and more. Additionally, the company supplies raw materials to manufacturers of aerated concrete blocks essential in the construction of buildings with improved insulation, which require less energy for heating and air-conditioning.
Contribution to social causes
NIM regards its contribution to the society as much more than a responsibility – it considers it a privilege.

The company regularly donates to Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheba, which serves the population of southern Israel, and contributed to the establishment of the new Autoimmune Diseases Center in Sheba Medical Center; it also donates to a major food bank serving the population of Beer Sheba. Furthermore, NIM is an active, enthusiastic participant in a variety of initiatives, such as the "Manager Adopts a Manager" program, which promotes fruitful dialog between the business and educational sectors; and the Israeli Round Table – an apolitical organization that brings together people from different cultural backgrounds and helps them build a cohesive community.
NIM's policy for protection of the environment - July 2013 (Hebrew)
Donation to "Ofek L'Yaldeinu" - Gay Purim Party for blind and sight impared children - Purim 2015