About Us


Negev Industrial Minerals Ltd. (NIM) was established in 1953 in Southern Israel, in the Negev desert – an area rich in minerals – as a company that mines and processes raw materials serving numerous industries.

The company is presently active at three sites:

  • In the Hatira Crater, where it mines silicate sand of a particularly high quality, with low iron content, dries and screens it in its plant. NIM remains the sole supplier of this raw material to the local glass and synthetic marble industries, as well as to steel and metal foundries.
  • Rotem Plain, where it mines limestone and produces limestone and lime products in a plant that it inaugurated in 1995, and supplies them to a wide range of industries; Ytong, a manufacturer of aerated concrete blocks used in 'green' construction being one example. The raw materials supplied are adapted to meet the particular needs of each client and are suitable for the production of synthetic calcium carbonate, which is widely used in the manufacture of dietary supplements and by the pharmaceutical industry. Notably, the low content of iron in our limestone reserves makes our products suitable for production of ultraclear glass.
  • Ramon Crater – Where the company has been actively remediating the old mining sites and at the same time is mining clays which are supplied to the Cement and Refractory industries.

 Aiming to double its production capacity and enhance its operational efficiency – as expressed both in computerized work processes and reduced energy consumption, NIM erected a highly advanced, computerized kiln in 2011 at a cost of approximately 15 million USD. The kiln can be operated on environmentally friendly bio-gas and gas in addition to fuel oil, for the purpose of minimizing the emission of pollutants.

All NIM facilities operate in full compliance with stringent environmental protection standards, under the supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection. All other relevant regulations and laws are also strictly adhered to. Additionally, NIM is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

The company operates a laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and manned by highly qualified and experienced engineers, chemists and technicians, who develop new products and ensure optimal compatibility of each product with the needs of each industry. The high quality of all NIM products is maintained through the implementation of uncompromising quality assurance processes and methods.

NIM's professional staff also includes expert geologists and dedicated logistics, marketing and sales personnel, who spare no effort to provide each and every client with an exceptional customer service experience.

All in all, NIM produces approximately 800,000 tons of material per year, which it transports to its clients on 80 trucks that leave its facilities each work day. These products – lime, a variety of limestone products, including limestone granules, silica sand and clay products – are used as raw materials in a broad range of industries by a variety of clients, including, for example, the chemicals industries, advanced construction industries, glass and synthetic marble industries, steel industries, paint manufacturers, electric power companies, agriculture and dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries.

NIM products are also used in environmentally friendly applications: They are indispensable in waste treatment, flue gas treatment and water purification systems, where they help neutralize industrial waste and absorb pollutants, and are essential in water purification processes. Furthermore, they are used in the manufacture of aerated concrete blocks with improved insulation, which are in demand in the 'green' construction industry.

NIM's profound commitment to the environment – one of its guiding principles – is perhaps best expressed in the large scale restoration project of the quarry in the Ramon crater, which commenced in 2009. NIM is playing a central role in this project, which is being executed in cooperation with several environmental and governmental bodies. Within its framework, a national park is being established for the public's benefit, which will include a small lake, walking trails, bicycle paths, a museum, campgrounds and observation points with explanations on the unique geological phenomena that were excavated when the quarry was active, and which geology enthusiasts from around the world come to enjoy. In recognition of the project's important contribution to landscape rehabilitation and to education, it received a special award from the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres.

Indeed, NIM, is continuing to supply top quality products to its diverse clientele in Israel and around the world, while taking part in environmentally friendly activities and giving back to society: regularly donating to Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheba and contributing to the establishment of the Autoimmune Disease Center in Sheba Medical Center; donating to food banks; contributing to the Israeli Round Table – an apolitical organization whose goal is to form a cohesive community of members coming from different cultural backgrounds; and participating in the "Manager Adopts a Manager" program, which promotes fruitful dialog between the business and educational sectors, with the purpose of supporting the development of the Negev region.